The Mini Mobile Jazzclub is a hit! This is evident after 2 seasons of​ warm reacti​ons. Wherever​ Toon enters with​ his mobile theater including vinyl records and of course his​ ​soulfull ​saxophone​, you immediately notice ​that cosy​ atmosphere on wich the audience ​likes ​to warm up to​. Jazz, ​Soul & Latin​ flavours​ (or soulfull Pop​)​ that naturally fill the room​, ​this good looking act is just what a relaxed event needs.

The Mini Mobile Jazzclub feels at home wherever a good glass of wine calls for musical accompaniment with a retro touch and pleasant company. Toon’s turntable and tenor sax are happy to support your reception, dinner or event th​is​ coming year. A small act of great class and musical craftsmanship, always suitable​ and in proportion​, a great way to spend an evening!

2018 promises to be another great year for Toon and his Mini Mobile Jazz club.
For consultation, more information and bookings, ​call or send an email or webform via the contact page.