A new project for 2018! The Gatsby Cool Collective is a swinging high energy glam​ou​r act with music and styling à la​ Great Gatsby, The Roaring Twenties, mixed with the modern beats of today​’s music.​.

The crew consists of two female singers, four dancers, a DJ, MC, and your saxophonist Toon Meijer. On the stage a dazzling DJ Booth and an LED video screen, on which beautiful images are shown from this inspiring time. Their style refers to The Cotton Club, a New York nightclub in the twenties and thirties, with artists such as Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway and Louis Armstrong. Big band Swing modern mixed with Electro beats!

A sensational act with sparkling music and dance, to be booked in different formations, as opening​, ​entre-act or of course full-length eveningact.​

For more information and requests, see http://gatsbycoolcollective.com