Toon Meijer @ Saxotones Groove Mission

Rave Up (2013)
Saxotones Groove Mission

Live at the Golden Lion (2015)
Saxotones Groove Mission

Toon Meijer @ Rood Adeo & NATD

Transit Cellophane (2002)
Rood Adeo & NATD

Perfect Life (2009)
Rood Adeo & NATD

Toon Meijer @ Jon Meyerjon Greyhound Blues Band

Toon Meijer @miscellaneous

Songs of Jaqcues Brel (2001)
Miche en Scene 2001

Nina Simone Tribute (2005)
Greetings from Nijmegen

You gotta walk it like you talk it
The Blues Masters (1997)

Toon Meijer & The Dr. Soul Experience – Single Radiology