DJ Spinkit & Saxotone

DJ with a taste and a Saxophonist who shuns anything and always swings!

Extremely mobile

This promises a lot! A mobile act with a saxophone and a DJ. A moving DJ-booth with its own power supply and with the craziest range of music such as Soul, fantastic Jazz & Boogaloo, Dance, 60’s pop, Ska, Disco, swinging Balkan. In short, a DJ with a good taste of music and a saxophonist that doesn’t stop swinging!

You can go anywhere with this act; Spinkit is compact, nimble, flexible and operational within 5 minutes which means the party can start immediately. You don’t need to ask how quickly your saxophonist can also start !

Unique concept

  • Mobile, so can also be in the audience
  • Power supply is integrated, and completely wireless
  • Small format
  • Wireless connection on a PA possible with a transmitter
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Microphone connection for the purpose of speeches.

See you soon with Spinkit & SaxoTone!

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